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GameLab – learning through practice, quality mentoring, networking and fun.And this is not what we say, but our participants, who not only had the opportunity to turn their game concepts into reality, but were supported to go even further, presenting playable demos at events such as Bucharest Gaming Week, Dev. Play East European Comic Con. So, Game LAB is a unique professional training and personal development program that runs during 3 months in which you have the objective to develop a playable demo. Watch the presentation video for more details!

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GameLab was a very good experience for me after the game The Equinox Hunt was born. I made many friends and gained a lot of knowledge, the most important being the development stages of a game, how to communicate in public and how important it is to respect a deadline. It was a difficult challenge, but in the end it was worth every minute.

Marian Mihailescu
Co-founder EvilStar Studios

You have the opportunity to develop your ideas and concepts into real products


We follow and adjust based on the needs and requirements of the gaming industry


A safe place where failing and learning from your mistakes are encouraged!


We help you raise your skills required for the game development industry

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Game Design

In the broadest sense, game design refers to the idea behind a game, but it means much more than that. Game design also refers to the central theme of a game or other aspects, such as the definition of the characters or the available abilities. Let's learn what to do when you have a game idea and how to put it into practice!

Learn to develop games

Making a video game is no longer scary and adequate only for specialists. Technology allows any person to make a video game in the comfort of their home and on their own free time. Join GameDev Academy courses and from day one you will make a video game using editors like Unity or Unreal without having any programming skills!

Digital graphic

In artistic terms, most of the games are true artistic masterpieces, dynamic and interactive digital paintings in motion. GameDev Academy is the right place to learn digital drawing, 3D modeling, texturing or even real-time rendering!

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